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Innovative Trial Design Events

Innovative Trial Design: An Introductory Seminar

The George Institute, Sydney

14th February, 9am – 5pm


General $150

ACTA Members/The George Institute staff $120

This event will give clinical trial investigators an overview of the new adaptive trial methods such as adaptive platform, basket, and umbrella designs with features such as frequent interim analyses, response adaptive randomisation, multifactorial randomisation, personalisation to biomarkers and other patient characteristics, and the role of simulations to control type I and type II error. Learn what type III error is…. The event will present how these designs can answer questions more quickly, answer more questions for the same budget, and improve outcomes for trial participants.

We are thrilled to welcome back Scott Berry (US), who is recognised as a world leader in the design and analysis of Bayesian adaptive clinical trials and will present on Adaptive Multi-Arm Platform Trials: Benefits and Efficiencies. Also joining us will be A/Prof Stephane Heritier, Dr Julie Marsh, A/Prof Jeffrey Presneill, Dr Tom Snelling, Dr Colin McArthur, A/Prof Mustafa Khasraw and Prof Leonid Churilov.

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Innovative Trial Design: A Clinic

The George Institute, Sydney

15th February, 9am – 12:30pm


General $70

ACTA Members/The George Institute staff $50

Presenters will receive complimentary registration to the event.

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Curious as to how to apply adaptive trial methodologies that might benefit your research question?

We invite you to present a current research question of interest to a panel who will engage with the audience to provide expert guidance on how you could answer your question more effectively and efficiently, as well as avoid the consequences of design assumptions that turn out to be wrong (like having the wrong size of treatment effect, different treatment effect in different sub-groups, inaccurate assessment of baseline incidence of the primary outcome).

Don’t have a question in mind but keen to learn from what others are doing?

Join the audience. This half-day event has nearly booked out – don’t miss your opportunity to get involved!

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14 - 15 February 2019

  • The George Institute, Sydney