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The Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ) is a multidisciplinary society dedicated to improving the health and long term outcomes for mothers and their babies. PSANZ encompasses and strongly encourages research focused on mothers and babies during pregnancy and at birth as well as the health of the newborn as its development continues after birth.

Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

 The Code of Ethics and Professional Standards is a statement of the ethical principles, values and ideals of the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ). The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards is to guide decision making and inform behavioural expectations of the PSANZ board, its members and subcommittees and to protect the integrity of the Society and its affiliates. 

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Why is the 2020 Annual Congress of the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand not going ahead?

The evolving health crisis caused by COVID-19 threatened the viability of the 2020 PSANZ Annual Congress. In the lead up to the PSANZ Board’s decision on Saturday 7th March, health care services around the world were denying leave and restricting travel of their workforces in anticipation of a crisis of unknown magnitude. Invited speakers, delegates and sponsors for the 2020 Annual Congress were withdrawing. The prospect of the government or chief health officer calling for cancellation of events loomed. The PSANZ Board’s decision was made to reduce risk to the women and children whose health we are dedicated to protect and improve, and minimise financial losses of the society.

Is the 2020 PSANZ Annual Congress cancelled?

No. Members of the PSANZ Board have negotiated postponement of the PSANZ Annual Congress until 10-13 February 2021. The conference will be held at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

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Latest News

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