PSANZ Academy

The Academy is a group of members from all disciplines and career stages, who will assist Congress organising committees with abstract assessment, chairing conference sessions and judging presentations.
Academy membership will provide an opportunity for junior members to be involved in planning and running PSANZ conferences, and gain experience with important academic activities. It will help junior members raise their profiles and demonstrate a commitment to their discipline.

Senior PSANZ Academy members will provide mentorship and guidance, and contribute their extensive experience and expertise to activities of the Society.

The benefit of the PSANZ Academy to our society is that Congress organising committees will have a group of willing and capable members to assist with tasks that are vital to running the best possible conference

If you would like to self nominate to become an Academy Member please click here 

Past PSANZ Academy (Term 2020 - 2022)

First Name

Last Name

PSANZ discipline

Peter Anderson Allied Health
Rajeshwar Reddy Angiti Neonatology
Sam Ebenezer Athikarisamy Neonatology
Helen Bailey Epidemiology & public health
Barbara Bajuk Epidemiology & public health
Karen Best Midwifery
Frank Bloomfield Neonatology
Fiona  Bogossian Midwifery
Rosemarie  Boland Neonatal nursing
Samudragupta Bora Neonatology
Alice Burnett Allied Health
Alice Burnett Allied Health
Helen Cooke Midwifery
Tara Crawford Discovery Science
Mary-Ann Davey Midwifery
Miranda Davies-Tuck Epidemiology & public health
Jennifer Dawson Neonatal nursing
Paul Dawson Neonatology
Mangesh Deshmukh Neonatology
Girish Deshpande Neonatology
Dorota Doherty Epidemiology & public health
Liza Edmonds Neonatology
Vicki  Flenady Epidemiology & public health
Maggie Flood Allied Health
Robert  Galinsky Discovery Science
Kathy Gatford Discovery Science
Katie Groom Obstetrics
Luke Grzeskowiak Allied Health
Anjali Haikerwal Epidemiology & public health
Susan Heath Midwifery
Jo Hegarty Neonatology
Amanda Henry Obstetrics
Judy Hough Allied Health
Jo James Discovery Science
Gayatri Jape Neonatology
Nasrin Javid Midwifery
Nasrin  Javid Midwifery
Elisha Josev Allied Health
Omar Kamlin Neonatology
Amy Keir Neonatology
Erin Kelty Epidemiology & public health
Alison Kent Neonatology
chooi heen kok Neonatal nursing
Chooi (Yen) Kok Neonatal nursing
Lisa Kremer Allied Health
Zohra Lassi Epidemiology & public health
Jeff Lauzon-Joset Discovery Science
Faye Lim Epidemiology & public health
Melissa Luig Neonatology
Atul Malhotra Neonatology
Brett Manley Neonatology
Karien Mannering Neonatal nursing
Ruth Martis Midwifery
Susan McDonald Midwifery
Courtney Mcdonald Discovery Science
Annie McDougall Discovery Science
Rowena McMullan Neonatology
Michael Meyer Neonatology
Jonathan Morris Obstetrics
Tim Moss Discovery Science
Karen New Midwifery
Tanya Nippita Obstetrics
Ju Lee Oei Neonatology
Gillian Opie Neonatology
Charlotte Oyston Obstetrics
Helen Patterson Neonatal nursing
Salvatore Pepe Discovery Science
Hala Phipps Midwifery
Hala Phipps  Midwifery
Jane Pillow Neonatology
Julia Pitcher Discovery Science
Graeme Polglase Discovery Science
Tosin Popoola Midwifery
Shikha  Pundir Allied Health
Smriti Raichand Epidemiology & public health
Annette Regan Epidemiology & public health
Clare Reynolds Discovery Science
Calum Roberts Neonatology
Sean Seeho Obstetrics
Arvind Sehgal Neonatology
Lynn Sinclair  Neonatal nursing
Jacqueline  Smith Neonatal nursing
Kaye Spence Neonatal nursing
Michael Stark Neonatology
Megan Sutherland Discovery Science
Kenneth Tan Neonatology
Christiane Theda Neonatology
David Tingay Neonatology
David Todd Neonatology
Mary Tolcos Discovery Science
Karli  Treyvaud Allied Health
David Walker Discovery Science
Megan Wallace Discovery Science
Flora Wong Neonatology
Ian Wright Neonatology
Tamara Yawno Discovery Science
Robyn Lawrence Allied Health
Carmel  Collins Neonatal nursing
Gregory Duncombe Obstetrics