A number of awards and scholarships are offered annually by PSANZ. The number of awards may vary from time to time and are offered at the discretion of the board. Awards and scholarships are presented at the annual PSANZ congress and thus the call for applications will be approximately six months prior to or at the time of the annual congress. 

PSANZ President's New Investigator Awards

The PSANZ President’s New Investigator Awards will be awarded to:

  • Best Oral presentation irrespective of discipline - $1500
  • Best Poster presentation irrespective of discipline - $750

Self-nominations for consideration for this award will not be requested but all abstracts self-nominated for NIA will be eligible.

Winners of the Presidents New Investigator Awards will receive payment of the award into their account post event once they have filled in an Award Form which will include a brief summary of their research for the post congress newsletter and media purposes.

To be eligible for a PSANZ New Investigator Award, the applicant must:

  • be a PSANZ member at the time of presentation
  • be the presenter and first author of the abstract
  • be enrolled full- or part-time in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree; OR, within 5 years of receipt of a relevant degree; OR, within 5 years of first presentation of research findings at a national or international meeting
  • not have previously been awarded a PSANZ New Investigator Award
  • provide a contact email address for academic supervisor / mentor at the time of abstract submission.

Emails will be sent requesting confirmation of eligibility.

Note if the New Investigator does not attend the Congress and the abstract is presented by a supervisor or senior author it will no longer be considered for the NIA. The original submitting author MUST notify as soon as they are aware they will not be presenting the abstract to ensure judges are assigned to appropriate sessions ONLY.

Awards will be announced on the final day of Annual PSANZ Congress

  • David Henderson-Smart Scholarship

    The PSANZ David Henderson-Smart Scholarship Applications for 2017 are now CLOSED.  Thank you to all those who submitted applications.