Neonatal Nursing and Midwifery Scholarship


  • Quality improvement/assurance (QI/QA) project that led/would lead to practice change in your perinatal clinical area
  • Education initiative that was piloted, introduced and evaluated in your perinatal clinical area
  • Trial of a new product/policy/guideline in your perinatal clinical area
  • Nurse or midwife-led project
  • Research project conducted within a research higher degree

It is expected that if ethical approval is required that this has been awarded. 

Selection Criteria

  • A current financial member of PSANZ
  • Lead the project (may have been other team members involved)
  • First author AND presenter of the submitted abstract
  • Only nominated 1 abstract for consideration for a Nursing/Midwifery award
  • Not been awarded a PSANZ New Investigator Award (NIA) or other major awards previously
  • No 1st authorship on an abstract or publication dated earlier than the past 5 years
  • Hold a university academic appointment no higher than Level B (Tutor, Lecturer, Research Fellow), or a university adjunct appointment higher than Adjunct Lecturer or Adjunct Research Fellow
  • Does not have a higher research degree (but can be working towards one) 


  • One full registration to PSANZ Annual Congress, valid for 2 years then void
  • $500 travel award for in-person attendance if congress is not in the city you reside in, valid for 2 years then void

If the recipient is an Aboriginal, Maori, Torres Strait or Pacific Island First Peoples neonatal nurse or midwife, an additional $500 travel award will be payable to facilitate Congress attendance. If the Congress is being held in the city of residence of the recipient, local travel costs only would be awarded as determined by the PSANZ Board. 

The successful applicant will 

  • be notified following abstract submission reviews
  • participate in the PSANZ Congress (e.g. join the PSANZ Academy and be involved in the abstract review, scoring poster presentations or chairing sessions
  • agree to be physically present (unless there are travel restrictions) at the closing ceremony when the awards are announced
  • participate in Early Career Research activities at the annual congress
  • write a report on the experience for the PSANZ member newsletter 


Please complete this Manager Endorsement Form and upload it with your completed Online Application Form by 30th November 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.


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